COVID-19 & Respiratory Virus – WeeklyStats for Ottawa, ON, Canada (News)

This page contains data from the Ottawa COVID-19 Dashboard and graphs tracking the latest wastewater levels for COVID-19, RSV, Influenza A&B, deaths, number hospitalized for COVID, current ICU admissions, PCR testing/positivity, and vaccine coverage in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Graphs for current variants circulating in the province of Ontario are also available. For now the graphs are updated on a weekly basis on the weekend.  Historic data for new cases, Rt, and schools is also available further down on the page that is no longer being updated.

Table of Contents

1. Dashboard
2. 7-day Rolling Average Wastewater
3. Hospitalized and Deaths
4. Testing (PCR)
5. Variants (Ontario)
6. Ottawa Vaccine Coverage
*. —- No longer updated below this line —-
*. Historical Cases
*. Historical Hospitalization, ICU, and New Deaths
*. Probability 1 Person (or more) is Infected in Group of Size n
*. Rt (Effective Reproduction Number)
*. Response Framework
*. New Cases by Age Group
*. Ottawa School Stats


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