The Silent Threat in Schools and Workplaces (Nachrichten)

A critical examination of the indoor air quality in classrooms highlights the concerning factors contributing to the spread of COVID-19. Inadequate ventilation, lack of air filtration, overcrowded spaces, absence of respiratory masks, and the failure to isolate sick individuals create an environment conducive to virus transmission. This urgent call to action, directed at @educationgovuk, emphasizes the need to address these issues in schools. The article explores the hidden dangers of indoor pollution, encompassing a toxic mix of pollutants from external sources, building materials, work-related activities, and occupants. The absence of Indoor Air Quality Standards in the UK exacerbates the risks, with a myriad of potential health hazards, including carcinogens, allergens, and respiratory irritants. Learn why cleaning the air in schools is crucial in the fight against COVID-19.

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