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Antigen rapid test for lay use ✓ Self-test lay ✓ Antigen test lay buy ✓ Corona rapid test buy ✓

5s LEPU NASOCHECK Corona self test
5s LEPU NASOCHECK Corona self test       
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As the Berliners say today: Testing is love.

If you know in time whether you are ok or not ok, you can be happy. Party or go to work. A business friend who had Christmas with his family Corona told me on New Year's Day: If you want to create, you have to be cheerful. That's as true as ever. So: Buy Corona self-test, get it sent Germany-wide, fast and fair. Buy Switzerland self-test at! Austria, protect your loved ones and please test before the next meeting with friends, acquaintances and during sports.

You too should stock up and have 25 rapid tests in your medicine cabinet.

We have lay tests in stock in large and small quantities for immediate delivery!
Order a rapid test ✓ Immediate delivery. Covid-19 antigen rapid tests ✓ We are a wholesale for rapid tests with direct shipping.

PEI validation. BfArM listing. CE-compliant, clinically tested, this is no longer a question but a self-evident standard. Our tests can be used painlessly, either in the anterior nasal region, in the throat or as a spit test or lollipop test. Reliable.

Sicherheit ist der Schlüssel zur Freiheit

Security is the key to freedom!

Self is the man, self is the woman.

Apply and then be sure whether there is an infection or not.
If yes, know it when tested early and daily with an emerging infection, in time to set in motion everything that may become necessary. If no, please be cheerful. Be worth knowing about. ✓

Testen Sie sich selbst und Ihre Lieben

COVID-19 rapid tests - easy to use

Rapid test: Germany orders here.

Corona rapid tests buy here, applicable for laymen ✓ Antigen test laymen like professionals buy at ✓

You don't even have to register. Buying self-test online is really not much of a hassle nowadays, in any age group. ✓

It's not a hassle. It works, it's not an art, just choose at your leisure. Decide for yourself.

COVID-19 Schnelltests - einfach anwendbar

Test yourself and your loved ones

You do not need a customer account to place an order.

You are also welcome as a guest. We are always open, 7 x 24 hours.Self-test shopping is easy and good here and anyone can do it here: You can order self-tests by phone if you want. ✓

There is also a suitable payment option for everyone.

Antigen tests for laymen are in stock here and available for immediate delivery. We only want to provide quick tests and not more data from you than necessary. Self-test laymen now in large selection. We offer goods that we also have in stock. ✓

By the way: keyword: self-test companies. You also buy large quantities from us. This makes it easier for us to also ship small quantities at a favourable price.

Short info: Quick tests for Corona Check possibilities at home create the security you need, EIn lay test is a quick test for home ✓ Some are also 3in1 and not specialised in one form of application. ✓


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