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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Green Spring BBDOn the right face of the box you will find the batch number, the manufacturing date and the expiry date of your test kit.
This can be read as follows: Year Month Day. In the case of our illustration example, 20230815 corresponds to a shelf life until August 5th 2023.


What does the date on the pouch of the test cassette mean?

FAQ - Green Spring machine sealingThe digits on the side of the pouch of the test cassette are NOT an expiration date. This is the period of machine sealing of the packaging according to ISO 11607.

How do I apply the test?

Step-by-step instructions are included as a package insert in the test kit. Here you will find all important information about the preparation and execution of the test, as well as the interpretation of the test result.
You can also download the package insert here as a PDF.